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Crop Insurance in El Campo, TX

Protect Your Livelihood with Crop Coverage

Farming is a tough job that requires equally tough insurance to protect you and your family when times get hard. We’re here to cover you at Ag 1st LLC when you’re facing a loss of income because of a natural disaster or downturn in the market that drives prices to low levels. We have crop coverage, that will meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can deliver a policy that’s right for you.

Multiple Forms of Protection

We’ll help you by sorting through the protection options that are available for your farm. Revenue protection insurance can be considered a safety net around your crops that safeguards against a loss of income due to a change in prices, loss of production, or both.

Yield protection covers you against a loss of production linked to a natural event such as drought, excess moisture, cold, frost, wind, flood, or unavoidable damage from disease and insects. This type of crop insurance also covers you if actual production is lower than the average yield by paying you the difference based on a projected price.

Crop Insurance in El Campo, TX, Insured Corn Crop

Crop Insurance in El Campo, TX, Kirby's Cows

Insuring Your Livestock

Livestock risk protection insures you from declining market prices, which are based on the USDA’s Agricultural Market Service. This insurance protects your investment against a drop in prices before you get your livestock to market while preserving your upside potential.

Livestock gross market insurance protects against a loss of gross margin, which is the market value of livestock minus the cost of feed.

Crop Insurance in El Campo, TX, Nursery Crops

Nursery Crop Coverage

You can obtain nursery crop insurance if you live in a county where a premium rate is provided in actuarial documents to anyone operating a nursery that meets specific criteria.